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Be the change you want to see in your horse ... NATURALLY! 

Courses Currently Available :: Online Classes



Class will be held ONLINE
8 PM Eastern Time on Wednesdays


This awesome LIVE course will get you and your horse started on a healthy SOUND journey from which you'll never return! (Nor will you want to.) 

All materials are held online for access 24/7 for up to 1 year from start date of particular class.
No additional texts required. No prerequisites.

At Penzance we view our horses as our friends, our partners, as members of our family. We respect them; we listen to them; we interact with them. We've spent thousands of dollars on special feeds, hays, supplements and healthcare to ensure the very best we can afford for them.

You'll find that its really very simple.  

This online course from PENZANCE Equine Solutions is based on years of studies with some of the world's most reknown Hoofcare Experts, Horsemen and Equine Behaviorists as well as from the Horse, himself.

Your instructor, Gwenyth Santagate, has been working and living with horses for over 50 years; trimming hooves since 1980's and specializing in Pathological Hooves for the last 20 years. 

The insight gained from NHC101 will last a lifetime and filter into other areas of your and your horse's life as well.

This course is comprised of 10 modules

Topics of study:

--Lifestyle of the Natural Horse
--Anatomy & Physiology of the Equine Digit
--Natural Feed & Nutrition for Healthy Horses and Healthy Hooves
--Handling Horses through Partnership
--Pathologies of the Equine Hoof Pt. 1
--Pathologies of the Equine Hoof Pt. 2
--Alternative & Complimentary Horse & Hoof Care
--The Trim Part 1
--The Trim Part 2
--REVIEW & Final Exam

Includes written materials, videos and LIVE DISCUSSION!! 

PENZANCE has an impecable reputation for offering excellence, quality and quantity in horsemanship and  in equine education to almost 500 students from 14 different countries. You'll learn things here that you won't find anywhere else.  

Class size is limited to only 10 students in order to allow for the best, personal attention to each student possible!  So register today! 

REGISTER: Only $325!  plus GET FREE "10 SECRETS TO HEALTHY HOOVES" AND ... 4 videos of trimming with your registration paid in full. 


SPECIAL OFFER: AUDITING ONLY $125 ... those unable to commit to weekly classes may audit the course by registering as an auditor. This means each Friday morning you will receive the materials covered in the week's module and the transcript of the week's current class via email and access to auditors only online materials. There will be no active participation in the live classes and no personal coaching included. Auditing is only available for a current, live, on-going course.


Class dates and fees are scheduled to change without notice.

Course fees are non-refundable

Classes, Courses and Workshops are offered several times throughout the year.
If the required number of registrants per class (3) is not met your space will be reserved for the next online class in your chosen topic of study.

Lifetime support is offered via email or phone for any student who successfully completes a PENZANCE course.
Some courses offer a 'hands-on' workshop (additional cost) at PENZANCE in Cape Coral, FL following the completion of the classes. Dates for workshops are arranged per class.

If, for some reason, you are not able to attend online courses take a look at our HOME STUDY courses that are always available anytime!  You study in your own time, at your own pace and real-time discussions take place with your instructor through email, phone or IM. Like having your own, personal COACH 24/7 !!!  And your support is never ending. Once a registered student of PENZANCE you never have to pay for a consult fee again for topics of completed courses! (Auditors exempt)  Just get in touch with your instructor and he or she will be there for you. :D

Certificates of Completion are administered to those who successfully complete all requirements and assignments of the specific course. They are sent via PDF for student to print out and frame at home. 

For additional information please contact Gwenyth Santagate or by phone:
+1 (239) 573-9687.